KISS specializes in making complex marketing challenges simple. We examine the client’s marketing strategy in relation to their business objectives, locate any gap between their current state and their goals, and form a specific strategy to help them get there.

The clear strategy provides a compass guiding us to the most appropriate marketing tools and the most effective mode of operation.

Our extensive experience enables us to provide solutions to a wide variety of marketing projects and partner with the client/company, taking the broadest possible view.

Expertise in developing far-reaching marketing strategies and tactical solutions

  • Thorough study of the brand category
  • Defining business, image and marketing goals
  • Creating a work plan tailored to the client’s human resources, time limits, budget, technological capabilities, etc.
  • Deriving a budget and possible modes of operation
  • Striving to make full use of the brand’s intrinsic essence that draws people to it

Inspiration and bold thinking that enable creative development derived from the strategy, establishing a visual language and creative content

  • Brand identity – creating a logo and developing a visual language that includes a color palette, typography and more
  • Developing concepts and creative ideas
  • Designing websites and a UX/UI
  • Digital assets
  • Video and animation
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Content production

Creating effective marketing communication

  • Coordinating the use of all marketing tools
  • Producing advertising products for the various media channels
  • Directing social media campaigns
  • Adapting the campaign to the website and the various digital assets

Ongoing evaluation of marketing and advertising effectiveness, making necessary adjustments as we go

  • Analytics and performance reports
  • Evaluating results in relation to the strategic goals
  • Optimizations and revisions to achieve optimal results and reach the desired goal