Nice to meet you, Tal Plosker
CEO and owner

I’ve been in the marketing and advertising industry since 1996.

I established the marketing agency KISS in 2009, based on the understanding that the world of marketing and advertising has changed and to provide clients with the best possible service, we must be thoroughly familiar with the company and brand and create a strategy tailored to their organizational culture, human resources, technology, product and distribution system.

Through the years we have specialized in e-commerce and social media, private and public transportation, culture and the community.

I am partner to Efrat Herzano and a mother to Geffen and Nir.

I have a bachelor’s degree in communication and management and a master’s degree in philosophy, science and digital culture. Soon I will also have a degree in psychology.

In the past I served in a range of positions in advertising agencies and as VP for marketing at the Tzomet Sefarim retail chain, for which I won the ‘Effie’ Platinum award.

Dana Yitzhaki
Creative director

I have been in the industry for 15 years. I joined KISS in 2016 and created our studio with a light heart and a Mac in my hand. Over the years I have designed dozens of branding concepts and advertising campaigns – both printed and digital – in diverse fields. I have directed photo shooting productions, designed websites and specialized in UI/UX.

Last summer I enjoyed a moment in the spotlight when our branding theme for Pride Month 2022 was displayed in Times Square, New York. What I love most are branding challenges, I freak out when someone moves around items on my desk, and something I would really like is to bring my cat along to the office.

Reut Vigo

I have more than 15 years of experience as a graphic designer in Israel’s leading advertising agencies. I do print, digital, after effects and everything in between. I joined KISS in 2017, and it’s been a love story ever since. I live in the city but I’m a country girl at heart.

Shani Wool
Graphic designer

I joined the advertising agency KISS in 2022 after moving from the North to the big city. I have a bachelor’s degree in visual communication and have won the AAA award for promoting creativity in the field of typography and the Hebrew language. I also have a diploma in shop window design. In 2020 I wrote, illustrated and published the book “Ehud in Quarantine”, and that’s how my love for the world of print was born. Over the years I have gained experience in print design, illustration and digital design in various fields (vm).

The thing I love most is my cat, I go crazy with my nail color, and what I’d really like is for morning to become night and night to become morning.

Lior Levi
Anything that isn’t analog

I’ve been the digital director at KISS for over a decade. I have vast experience in social media and e-commerce: I am thoroughly familiar with most digital platforms and totally ready for those that are yet to come. I love science fiction and unicorns and I’m also known for my affection for birds and pigeons – in my free time I run a civil rescue organization for winged creatures.

Odelya (Google) Nathan
Our Google lady

I have reallyyyy mastered every Google platform there is. I analyze markets, discover hidden opportunities, design ideas and implement tailored strategies. Though I’m as up to date as can be, I have rich experience spanning over 12 years in Google-related activities in Israel and abroad.