The second item for 1 Shekel – a once in a lifetime campaign

The brief

Breaking the 100-year hegemony of the Steimatzky brand. Presenting a high quality alternative at affordable prices. Making culture accessible to the entire public.

The idea

An ancient concept in new, creative wrapping. The idea of “the second item for 1 Shekel” is actually a cheeky name for the old “buy one, get one free” offer, only this time we asked for an additional shekel. The phrase “a second book for 1 Shekel” shocked culture lovers and flooded the stores with hundreds of thousands of customers.

The result

About a million books sold in one month. Leveraging the campaign to expand the store chain, and ultimately achieving a victory over the competing brand in almost every category. A massive attack by the media about supposedly selling a book for 1 Shekel awarded us with extensive PR, free of charge.